Conditions For Admission

Dear visitors at Waldbühne Berlin,

to make sure you will have a safe and unforgettable concert, we have enhanced our safety measures and entrance controls.

For safety reasons as well as to accelerate the access controls, we only allow the following items:

  • bag or backpack up to a maximum size of DIN A4 (21,0 x 29,7 cm)
  • one non-alcoholic drink per person up to 0.5 litres in a Tetra Pak or plastic bottle (PET)
  • a cushion and blanket 

The following items may not be brought to the Waldbühne Berlin:

  • bag or backpack larger than DIN A4 (21,0 x 29,7 cm)
  • bulky items of any kind (suitcases, baskets, helmets, buggies, stick umbrellas, selfie sticks etc.) - excepion: pocket umbrellas
  • food and snacks
  • technical devices (i.e. notebooks, tablets, cameras, any audio- or video recording devices) - exception: mobile phones

Divergent from these regulations, different rules can be applied by the promoter of the concert. Further information can be found on our website in the specific event page.

It is allowed to bring necessary medical devices and substances. In this case, please use the entrance for wheelchair users (at the right from the main entrance) and show corresponding proof to the security staff. 

We offer storage

Bags or backpacks up to a maximum size of DIN A4 (21,0 x 29,7 cm) are allowed. We do offer storage for charge (5,00 € / per item) for bigger bags or other items at the Friedrich-Friesen-Allee.

Doors usually open two hours before the event starts. There are 3 entrances available for admission: Gate 1, Main Entrance, Gate 5. The various seating areas on the Waldbühne are easily reached via all entrances. We recommend an early arrival because the our enhanced safety measures and access controls will take some time. Doors and stage times are subject to change, even on the day of the event. In this case, we will inform you on our website on the particular event page aswell as on our social media, i.e. facebook and Twitter

Age restrictions for babies/toddlers
The legislation doesn’t predetermine any age restrictions as long as children are being accompanied by their parents.  But we would like you to consider that the sound levels obtained at our concerts and shows can massively endanger the health of babies and toddlers. We strongly advise not to bring your baby or toddler to an event at the Waldbühne Berlin. The promoters of concerts and shows taking place at the Waldbühne are free to define stricter rules for their event – please request further information from the promoter of the particular event in question.  The name of the promoter and a link to their website can be found in our event calendar. 

Vielen Dank für einen respektvollen Umgang untereinander und gegenüber der Umwelt: Gerade bei Veranstaltungen kommen viele Menschen zusammen. Dann ist ein verantwortungsvoller Umgang mit Müll besonders wichtig - nicht nur auf dem Gelände der Waldbühne Berlin, sondern auch in dem angrenzenden Straßenland. Bitte entsorgen Sie Zigarrettenabfälle, Kaugummipapier, Verpackungen etc. in die dafür vorgesehenen Abfalleimer. Vielen Dank!   


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